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French property
Region of Northern France comprising: Meurthe-et-Moselle(54), Meuse(55), Moselle(57) and Vosges(88)
Chalon sur la rue Rully Castle Chalon sur la rue
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Although much of the region is given to small-scale farming and forestry, Lorraine is essentially reliant on coal and steel, both of which have been in decline over many years. Historically it has swung between Germany and France and its current borders date only from the Second World War.
Everyone is at least acquainted with the history and human geography of Lorraine: as a key industrial centres and a territory lost and gained throughout modern European history. But Lorraine was also open to waves of art and artistry from western and eastern Europe, and it was home to a coterie of uncommonly gifted craftsmen sponsored by local bishops and the French court.

Although in this it is frequently bracketed with Alsace, the two regions are very different. The inhabitants of Lorraine never cease to talk of the role of the Maquis in the mountains and refer to Alsace as being 'full of Germans'. With their fierce patriotism it is fitting that Joan of Arc came from this frontier region and De Gaulle adopted the Cross of Lorraine as the emblem of the Free French.
Since the Middle Ages, throughout Lorraine, 6 December has been the feast of le Saint Nicolas; in St-Nicolas-de-Port, thousands of pilgrims gather to celebrate the patron saint of children and of Lorraine itself with music, pageants and a visit from the saint himself! Children are said to be especially happy in this part of the world: for they receive presents at the beginning and at the end of December.
The outstanding culinary tradition in the area is, of course, the quiche, whose etymology comes from the German Küche, meaning 'cake'. The mirabelle plum is another speciality of the area … and is particularly appreciated when fermented and distilled into eau-de-vie! Lorraine is also home to a selection of beers and VDQS wines.

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